10 Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver 2021 – Reviews & Guide

There are many types of GPS receivers available in the market today. There is stand-alone GPS devices that can be used with any embedded devices such as laptops, tablets, and most mobile smartphones.

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These do not have a cellular connection at all but can still provide powerful features for navigation. To avoid interference from mobile phone signals, you can use a Bluetooth-enabled GPS receiver that offers extra security features and flexibility.

1.Garmin GLO 2 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Garmin’s GLO is a compact device that can make your outdoor excursions richer by adding detailed maps, directions, GPS guidance, and more. It offers up to 13 hours of power using its rechargeable Li-ion battery pack or can be powered via the built-in vehicle power cable when used in a car, marine, or RV application. With a built-in USB port and Bluetooth capability, it can even connect to your iPhone, iPad or other Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop.

2.Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver 

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

With the Dual Electronics XGPS150A, you can: Increase wireless GPS reception by up to 10 times in high-rise buildings, deep valleys, and rural areas with no clear line of sight to satellites; Access a database of detailed aviation information for more than 60 million airports worldwide; Enhance your GPS with WAAS-enabled position reporting to an accuracy of 3 meters; Track your current location and projected path in real-time on your computer via USB, Bluetooth®, or serial connection.

3.Dual Electronics XGPS160 Multipurpose Universal 5 Device Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The Dual Electronics XGPS160 is a multipurpose GPS receiver that can be used on virtually any mobile device. The Bluetooth technology makes it easy to wirelessly add GPS capabilities to virtually any smartphone or tablet. It can also be used with USB-based devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and other GPS units.

4.GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

GlobalSat BT-821C Bluetooth Vehicle GPS Receiver is an easy-to-use plug-and-play GPS receiver with a wireless range of up to 10 meters. Use your smartphone to Sync & navigate on the road. This GPS receiver features a Smart connection, which shares the same power and data transmission via UART, CAN BUS, or SPI ports, so there is no need for a separate power cable or additional ground lines. Perfect for vehicles that have either OBD port or CAN BUS port (most newer vehicles have CAN-BUS).

5.GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

A compact USB GPS Receiver that has a built-in patch antenna and an internal magnet for roof mounting. GlobalSat’s BU-353-S4 also features SiRF Star IV GPS chipset, WAAS/EGNOS support, 48 channels, 2000 position memory, <2.5 msec. cold start time and wide operating voltage. The BU-353-S4 is compatible with Microsoft’s Windows CE, 2000/XP; Sun’s JavaPOS and Linux.

6.CASEMATIX Carry Case Compatible 

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The CASEMATIX Carry Case Compatible with Dual Electronics XGPS150A Multipurpose Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver and Charging Cable is the perfect fit for the XGPS-150A Wireless GPS Receiver from Dual Electronics. Its compact design allows for convenient storage in a backpack, luggage, or car – and its durable carbon fiber pattern EVA provides protection from scratches, minor spills, and dust that can damage your wireless GPS receiver.

7.Garmin GLO 2 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Garmin GLO 2 Bluetooth GPS Receiver 010-02184-01 with Garmin Dashboard Friction Mount Bundle allows you to connect wirelessly to iPad iPhone and other Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This allows GLO to lock on to satellites approximately 20% faster and remain connected even at high speed. It delivers intuitive navigation in a sleek form factor, making it the ideal solution for navigating your vehicle, bike or boat.

8.Qstarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz 66 Channel Bluetooth GPS Receiver

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The Qstarz BT-Q818XT is a 66-channel Bluetooth® GPS receiver that comes with a touchscreen display and Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It records the information you need while leading your hands-free lifestyle by pairing it with an MP3 player, smartphone, or tablet. This two-way communication device is lightweight and engineered to fit well in your hands through a built-in hanger, so you can monitor your surroundings without much effort. 10Hz update speed helps you navigate around obstacles and maintain a continuous tracklog on your gadget of choice.

9.Bad Elf 2200 GPS Pro (Black/Silver)

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The Bad Elf 2200 is a GPS-based USB data logger for Mac that maps your travels on Google Earth. The included software allows you to plot and view/log your location over time, or retrieve a tracking file from the device and share it over a WiFi network with family and friends. Features include Large LCD screen with backlight for night operation, 10Hz reporting rate, IPX4-rated splash-proof enclosure, extra-long battery life (>24 hours), multi-device compatibility via Bluetooth tethering (new in version 2.0 software), and much more.

10.Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker

Best Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker is a compact GPS device with an embedded SIM card that offers anti-theft and real-time tracking capabilities. Using the free 2-year subscription included with your purchase, you can track your valuables 24/7 via our exclusive VIP (View In Private) and Vip Roadside Assistance™ mobile apps. With a battery life of up to 4 months for vehicle mode, 8 hours of conversation time, and an optional backup battery attached to your Invoxia GPS tracker, you can be assured you won’t lose sight of your valuables again.