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10 Best Laser Projection Keyboard 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Laser Projection Keyboards come with a little projector which you can keep fixed on your desk or carry around with you wherever you go. The said projector projects small keys of the keyboard on any surface, letting you type as if your Mobile was a computer/laptop. With a laser projection keyboard by your side, swiping your fingers all over your mobile screen doesn\’t feel as geeky as before. You can carry it with ease and type anywhere you want, even outdoors on a bright sunny day.

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1.Serafim Laser Keyboard 

What to do if you can’t take your keyboard to work? How about projecting the virtual keyboard onto the desk in order to use it comfortably without carrying it with you? It can be quite tricky. But now, with our very exciting Laser Keyboard Projector – Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard Computer Accessories, Projection Keyboard for iPhone, Holographic Keyboard iPad, Infrared Mac, Laser Wireless Keyboard for Android Tablet PC Piano, you’ll find that impossible is now possible.

2.Heartbeat Laser Keyboard

The patented Laser Keyboard projects an illuminated virtual keyboard onto any flat surface, turning practically anything into a computer keyboard. A Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard with Keyboard/Mouse/Mobile Power/Mobile Bracket, Wireless Wired Connection Keyboard for Windows/iOS/Android  It offers the most options of any laser projection keyboard currently on the market.

3.Serafim Laser Keyboard

Laser Keyboard Projector connects to your device via Bluetooth. It does it instantly without any complicated pairing procedure. Open the package, press the ON key to activate mode Switch the visible laser beam on, and type on the virtual projected keyboard. The keys will be visible in early twilight, even faintly in full daylight.

4.Ags Laser Keyboard 

AGS Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard is a portable and smart wireless keyboard for your Tablet, Ipad, Smartphone, and other Handhelds with Bluetooth connection. AGS keyboard has a slim design and is easy to carry with you. It connects automatically to the computer and transfers by Anywhere and Any Angle Bluetooth connection, so you can use your tablet as a PC anywhere. AGS is the best virtual keyboard.

5.Celluon Virtual Laser Keyboard

This Celluon EPIC Virtual Laser Keyboard is the ultimate gadget for your laptop, Mac, or iPad. Featuring a wide array of hotkeys for controlling your music, videos, presentations, and Internet, this keyboard is incredibly convenient. It goes beyond typing to give you quick access to your most-used applications. No more hunting for onscreen buttons or trying to use the touchpad with dirty or oily fingers! The full-size keyboard fits in the palm of your hand!

6.Dartle Wireless Laser Keyboard

The Dartle Wireless Laser Keyboard will pair up with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Whether you need a keyboard for your work computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet the Dartle Wireless Laser Keyboard pairs with everything. Besides being small enough to fit in your pocket, the keyboard also features laser tracking that allows you to type letters and numbers more accurately.

7.Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard K740 

The Logitech K740 Illuminated Keyboard brings style to your desktop. The silver-hued keyboard features an etched, backlit design that helps you see the keys in dim light and adds a touch of character to your computer. This ultrathin keyboard features a soft-touch palm rest for maximum comfort as you type.  A plug-and-play device, this keyboard is compatible with both Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems.

8.Maskity Laser Projection Keyboard

The Maskity Laser Projection Keyboard is a virtual portable keyboard with a mini Bluetooth speaker, supported by voice reports. A new type of modern keyboard that allows you to type messages and emails hands-free. It will give you a lot of convenience without go through a tedious operation to swipe type.

9.F2 Portable Lipstick Laser Virtual Laser Projection Mouse and Keyboard 

The F2 Portable Lipstick Laser Virtual Laser Projection Mouse and Keyboard is one of the most popular products in our store. Our portable keyboard is about the size of a typical tube of lipstick, which makes it easier to carry around compared to full-size keyboards. Once you plug in the receiver, you can easily operate it without any interference from other devices. After just a few minutes of use, you will be able to use this product for many years.

10.Wireless Laser Projection 2.0 High Speed Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

Turn your big screen TV into a touch-screen! The new version Wireless Laser Projection 2.0 Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, Ipad, Smartphone and Tablets gives you the ultimate wireless experience whether you’re checking e-mail, searching the web, writing a blog, or working on homework. The lightweight, easy-to-use laser-projection slide-out keyboard creates the optimal typing environment for virtually any flat surface.