Best Xbox Controller Charger

10 Best Xbox Controller Charger 2021 – Reviews & Guide

The Xbox One is one of the best gaming systems currently available in the market. The controller, in particular, has received rave reviews from a lot of users and critics alike, one user was quoted as saying “playing with an Xbox gamepad has never felt this good”.

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Despite its great quality and comfortable feel, many players still face difficulty going through long gaming sessions due to the slow charging times of the original controller’s battery. This is made worse by the fact that it has a limited number of charges it can go through before it wears down.

To help tackle these problems, companies such as PDP have come up with ways to make charging a more seamless process.

1.Beboncool Controller Battery Pack

Best Xbox Controller Charger

The new Beboncool Controller Battery Pack is the perfect item for those long gaming sessions. This rechargeable battery pack fits perfectly inside most Xbox One controllers and provides up to 50 hours of gameplay when fully charged. 

BONUS: Beboncool also created a versatile power adapter can charge other dual voltage devices, such as cell phones, camera batteries, and more. The Adapter comes with an i-Cable (the interface cable that helps you sync A C / Galaxy Note 4) that allows the adapter to be used on iPhone/iPod/Android terminals.

2.Smatree Controller Battery Pack

Best Xbox Controller Charger

Smatree’s Controller Battery Pack is easy to use and is the ideal controller companion for your Xbox One. This battery pack comes with rechargeable 2600mAh NI-MH batteries, giving you a longer playtime than standard batteries.

The dual-channel charger fully recharges two controllers within just 2 hours. Bring it anywhere, Smatree’s Controller Battery Pack will keep your controllers charged and ready for gaming at a moment’s notice.

3.Rii Play and Charge Battery Kit

Best Xbox Controller Charger

The Rii Play & Charge Kit is a must-have accessory for Rii I8 mini wireless keyboard and mouse users. It allows you to charge your battery even when you are not connected to the computer, making it easy to keep your battery charged in case you need it while on the go. Plus, eliminating the hassle of extra wires and power cords – just click the battery into place and you’re set.

The Rii Play and Charge Battery Kit allow you to play and charge your 9v Rii battery at home. Simply connect the cable to your television, plug the cable into AC outlet, and press the power button on your Rii battery.

4.Taiker Controller Battery Pack

Best Xbox Controller Charger

The Taiker Controller Battery Pack is a 2800mAh ultra higher capacity battery with high efficiency and long-lasting. It is equipped with 3 charge modes: fast charging, standard charging, sleep charging. There are two LED indicators on the controller battery: red light means it is on standby mode; green light means it is on charging mode.

The Taiker Controller Battery Pack, the upgraded version of our original Controller Battery pack is a powerful battery with an OLED screen and easy-to-operate buttons. It has a 2800mAh capacity and can be charged up to 4 times faster than the normal lithium charging time.

5.Stealth Rechargeable Battery Packs

Best Xbox Controller Charger

The Stealth Rechargeable Battery Pack for XBOX is the perfect power solution for any gamer. With two powerful 2200mAh rechargeable batteries, these small yet impactful packs store enough power to fully charge an XBOX ONE controller and still provide up to 60 hours of gameplay.

The LED indicators let you know exactly how much power each pack has, while a direct USB charging connection ensures easy and efficient charging.

Stealth Rechargeable Battery Packs for XBOX ONE and XBOX Series X/S are powerful 2200mAh rechargeable battery packs allowing up to 60 hours of gameplay. Compatible with any USB device including XBOX ONE controllers, Xbox One S controllers, and Smartphones such as the iPhone and Samsung.

6.BEBONCOOL Charging Station for Xbox One Controller Dual Charger

Best Xbox Controller Charger

The BEBONCOOL Dual Controller Charger was designed for Xbox One & Xbox Series Controller. This dual charger can work with at most 2 x AA,2 x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery, which fit Xbox One & Xbox 360 controller. Its plugged in when charging. It’s charging automatically when you remove the plug.

The charging will stop if the battery is full, it will remain to flash until you place the batteries back to the controller, and then it will stop flashing and be completely charged after about 1 – 2 hours.

7.Xbox One/One S/One X Controller Charger

Best Xbox Controller Charger

Charge and play with the Xbox One Charge & Play Bundle. The Dual Charge Dock allows you to charge up two controllers at once, and it’s also a high-powered USB port that charges phones, tablets, and other products. With an extra pair of rechargeable batteries included, you can charge an extra set of batteries in advance or replace the ones in your controller at any time to stay game ready. Just drop your controller onto the dock to start the charging process.

Charge and play twice as long with the Xbox One/One S/One X Controller Charger. Play & Charge Kit for Xbox One and Xbox One S controllers. Recharge your batteries while you play or when you’re not using your wireless controllers.

8.Controller Charger for Xbox Series S X,Charging Dock 

Best Xbox Controller Charger

Our Controller Charger for Xbox Series S X and Replacement Batteries 2 Pack is ideal for any user who needs an extra controller or batteries to extend the gaming fun. You can get a full charge to keep your game going from our Controller Charger, or keep a couple more batteries on hand to be ready for an unexpected power drain. You can also use this replacement battery pack with other Xbox accessories as well as most other brands of rechargeable devices that need 3 AA batteries.

A controller charger for your Xbox S X gamepad. This kit includes a charging dock, controller batteries, and 2 packs of high-quality rechargeable batteries.

9.Y Team Xbox 360 Controller Charger

Best Xbox Controller Charger

The Y Team Xbox 360 Controller Charger Kit makes it easy to charge multiple battery packs for your Xbox 360 controllers. This set includes two charging docking stations, one rapid charging station and a USB cable that connects the two docking stations. The rapid charging station can charge a battery pack in only three hours.

Each docking station comes with a connector that allows you to connect to a controller. This set also comes with a power adapter. This Y Team Xbox 360 Controller Charger Kit is compatible with all Xbox 360 controllers and is great for people who have more than one controller to charge at once.

10.Controller Charger 

Best Xbox Controller Charger

Are you looking for a stylish and helpful accessory for your Xbox One S/S/Elite controller? Do you want to charge two batteries simultaneously or synchronously? Do you want to make the controller charging more convenient? If so, then Controller Charger may be the best choice for you! Controller Charger can help you out! This Controller Charging Dock will put an end to worry about dead batteries when using the controller at home or game room, and its beautiful LED lights give a pretty elegant atmosphere for the game. Controller Charger is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Huge 20% power boost for your controller This Controller Charger adapter is compatible with Xbox One series X|S controller only. It will not work with Xbox One Elite controller or Xbox One D-pad controls.